4k Video Sample Download

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4k Video Sample Download

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Refer to his Vimeo page for more info about his footage: - update: John Brawley posted (and & ) about the pre-production bmpc-4K he s been working with alongside an.

Download: Updated version of the old "Poppel" clip.

If you would like to utilize any of the following reels in either HD or Ultra HD, then for details.

Advertisements on the page have nothing to do with me.

I m pleased that there appears to be far less aliasing and moire artifacts in bmpc-4K footage compared to bmcc and bmpcc footage.

We invite other companies to use our Harmonic-branded footage for testing, internal demos, and external demos at trade shows and other venues.

And, the already-impressive bmpc-4K video quality should look even better once its visually lossless compressed 12-bit raw sample footage becomes available.

The 2nd version is the same clip showing the detail visible in the original footage (center crop).

Harmonic s updated version of the classic Susie test clip.

We ve had some fun with an updated version of the old Poppel clip.

Generally-speaking I don t recommend zooming inout of footage like crazy as shown here!

In the meantime, I ve done an edit is based on Grant Petty s initial ProRes HQ clips: Note: You can download my editedp HD file from (7 megabitssec.

Note: I don t receive income or remuneration for this blog, or for products seen or mentioned here.

Grant Petty, ceo of bmd shot the footage himself.

My list of for Blackmagic Design cameras.

You can zoom in on a scene in post while still retaining good quality.

64 codec) and watch this video on axmonitor for better quality.

4k Video Sample Download

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